Get to know your clients
Discover what your clients like and what they dislike.
Also figure out why and you'll be well equipped to enhance their future experiences and keep them coming back for more.
Get to know your gym
Drive more businesses, even during quiet times.
Quickly see when and why your gym or studio is busy and when it is not to deliver targeted marketing and promotions.
Play Matchmaker
Create actionable strategies.
We'll predict who will and won't come back. Of course there's more up our sleeve! We'll also tell you what they will come back for and when they will come.

Roll past your goals

Your goal could be to retain current members, to attract new ones or to fill up certain classes. You may have one goal or many. Your goals may even change from one month to another.

We've designed Chartyn just for that!

Our business intelligence dashboards demonstrate where you stand relative to your goals. And every dashboard differs; allowing you to cater to areas of your business that needs TLC just at the right time.

Better your better

What are the key drivers influencing your performance? What are the hurdles standing in between your business today and a more successful version of it?

Our intuitive dashboards are designed to help you monitor your business with ease and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Greet the beat

Get a panoramic view of your business.

Our vivid charts map out your customers' journeys, enabling you to identify loyal and risky customers as well as popular transactions, hours and seasons.

Tend to your trends

What does the future hold?

It doesn't need to be a surprise. We've designed models to predict actions and transactions so you can send your customers personalized and timely marketing emails.